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Miguel Angel Vergara website and travel resource

Posted on 13 July, 2018 at 14:58 Comments comments (6990)
Dear Friends,

If you are interested in connecting with more of the wonderful, ancient Mayan wisdom, you are invited to go to www.casakin.org.
This is a site used by Don Miguel Angel Vergara.  He has many videos available on different topics, ceremonies.
He is a highly respected, and trusted elder.
Enjoy/enjoy !!!!

Also, if you are interested in actually traveling to any of the ancient pyramidal sites, please contact, Dr. Daniel & Patricia Cardona.  Check www.cosmicmysteries.com.
They are wonderful guides and ceremonialists.

Best with your beautiful sacred lives ~ Jacki


Posted on 5 October, 2015 at 19:28 Comments comments (475)
Recently, I completed a wonderful, fun, inspiring, profound training with Dr. Roger Jahnke.  Listed below are two upcoming trainings being offered.  Please check into www.iiqtc.org/www.feeltheqi.com for a wonderful, informative, comprehensive website dedicated to Qigong(ChiKung) & TaiChi. Or, go to YouTube/Roger Jahnke for some wonderful, easy to follow videos
Enjoy the flow!

  If you're interested in further training to become a teacher/facilitator of TaiChi &/or Qigong(ChiKung):
 For Level 1 - Community Practice Leader;  [IIQTC 16-012] Level 1 Training - February 5-12, 2016 - Marywood Center 

And, in Santa Barbara as well !!!!  Enjoy!


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'We are all intimately and intricately interwoven'     7/15/15

Nap Dream Statements ~

Posted on 5 October, 2014 at 23:23 Comments comments (9)
Nap dream statement:
               "Loved One, be sure to find it hopeful, helpful
                 that it's ALL SPIRIT/ALL FIELD                                        9/9/14

Next day's nap dream statement:
                 "You cannot cut up the Ocean."    Emphatically given as well ~


Spirit Led/Spirit Fed Photos from March 2014's Sacred Pilgrimage

Posted on 30 April, 2014 at 22:24 Comments comments (15)
More Love from Mexico ~~ Enjoy the Spirit Fed/Spirit Led Photos.  This photo below is of a Sacred Stella(in-scripted with meaningful/high vibrational Symbols) at Lol Be(13th Flower of Life) in the Yucatan.  Notice the small, yet bright white circle towards the bottom/middle.  Look directly above for another 'Friend'.

This was taken at CoMaLCalCo; another sacred pyramid site loaded with high vibrational energy, messages, blessings, and information for these times.

Photos from the Crystal Skull Pilgrimage with Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men

Posted on 7 April, 2014 at 23:42 Comments comments (92)
The Sun was radiant with inspiration and a beautiful Red Orb with an 'OL' inside.(Mayan word for 'Eternal Spirit'.)Write your post here.  The second photo is an impressive Stella at LolBe(The 13th Flower of Life).  This is the Sacred Site being developed by Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men.

Incredible Christ Consciousness Embrace

Posted on 18 January, 2014 at 22:54 Comments comments (5)
October 10, 2012:  Great thanks to Reynolds Kamakawiwoole/Linda Hostalek for teaching me how to enter this energetic portal.  xoxoxox/Love
Prelude:  Did the cleanse suggested, salt/baking soda bath; saged, rattled, burned palo santo, chanted.  Practiced how I felt called to open to this, and with notebook/pen in hand, went out on my deck a few minutes before 7PM(EST).

I used a flowing upwards spiral movement with my right hand to connect with the Star Beings as I counted the Sacred 7s; then, repeated the spiral movement downwards with the connection with PachaMama(Mother Earth).

I sat down and within moments sweet female voices(3??) suggested I would be better off going inside.  (It was a bit chilly here in Cincinnati). 
I came in and prepared to lie on the massage table and called out the count again.
Very smoothly and soon, my 3rd eye was pulsing firmly, with an energetic running through it I’d not ever felt before.  It was very visceral, wanted my immediate attention ~~ to be totally present.
A rainbow bridge appeared from the front of my eye to the back.
In order for me to get on it(my impression), I needed to sit on like a rainbow charger(shaped like a rainbow mushroom).  I sat on this and became a rainbow.  (All rainbows throughout this experience were diffuse, as if connecting cellular.  I’m led to use the word, ‘particulated’.)

Initially, I was feeling a lot in my body.  Then, I shot out my crown chakra, which was all rainbow and went to Orion ~~ maybe the 2nd Star of the Belt.
All of this had a splendid feeling, eg. Love, joy, fun, informative, free…
Somewhere along here, I met Sophia(My beloved daughter who crossed over at age 17; almost 5 years ago.)She is a gloriously beautiful rainbow Being as I now am. We embrace.  She felt very matured, full, directed, confident, strong.  It was beyond any words for me to describe how joyous and wonderful this was.
This reminded me of in the first year she crossed over, when I would journey to the lower world, she appeared as a rainbow like haystack/beehive from head to toe.  Each section was a Chakra color.  The energetics were formed, rounded, and elongated.
Sophia was showing me around the universe, filling me with hers and this amazing love.
Funny scene, I started to fall asleep.  A cop car appeared with its red light flashing.  I woke immediately, chuckling, and kept going.  I called the 7s a few more times throughout.

Then, a rainbow arched from the core of Pachamama, across the vastness of this universe(like we went through Galactic Center) to another universe(Andromeda??).
Very throbbing 3rd  eye pulsing.  I asked to see Christ.  The Rainbow Bridge went into a huge golden Being, whose heart area was a misty rainbow, diffuse and pulsing.  So full of love, love, love, surrender(No crown of thorns here!!)))
I spoke with Christ about some personal stuff.  This presence was all embracive ~~ entirely in my beingness.  I could swim in the liquid light of his rainbow heart ~~  again very nurturing, replenishing, compassionate.  I could completely trust and surrender.

My 3rd eye felt full inside like with a sweet, warm lake.  Called in the 7s again,  I feel I’m being saturated internally with this awesome white love(that would be nectar in the 3-D world).
Went to see the Holy Weaving Mother with silver and rainbow arms.  I was again the rainbow bridge.
Then, I was able to give her flowers ~~ white, sweet.  There was a sense of 8 arms connected, into like a hollow center(torus shaped) that was constant, yet ever moving.  The arms spiraled around with out getting crossed like in this amazing, formative, trance dance ~~ sinuous, silken, ever-flowing.
She was not alone, though the other beings were not visibly present.
I was told I could go now.
3 female beings came to my 3rd eye and sent me more love.

                            We are love!!!

Kisses and hugs to all with many bows, deepest gratitude, and astonishing joy.

PS.  At one point, I experienced rainbow flowing through my front and back Chakras.

Communications with Ci-Nan of Euphonica

Posted on 12 January, 2014 at 0:37 Comments comments (30)
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 ~~ Early morning visit
In the Center of the Crab Nebula is the intense silver blue flame of rapturous undying love, eternally present with light’s Truth.
Come here ~~ by desire, wish, command and in harmony with the Cosmic Ways.
Come here ~~ resurge yourself in and with this flame.  Let it be your substance in each of your centers.
Let it dance, medicinally, spiraling, helixing throughout your being.  As the silver/blue flames settle in those home centers.
From there the golden-ray-beacons flash forth, beaming and broadcasting the new and renewed cosmic order.
All, at first, from each (center), and then, in the rolling, ripple waves from your heart.
As you pulse, so the Giver pulses ~~
Sheaths, skins, interfaces ~~ Star hearts with flames’ desires rolling undercurrent
Rearranges prominent reality…Rolling undercurrent becomes/is ~~ pulsing love
Pulsing rainbow-orange, ever-shifting panorama of this Chi/love-filled essence embrace ~~
Breathe that in ~~ Stretch the sound ~~
Breathe out ~~ the hills & valleys of ever-congealing/releasing
I, as Ci-nan, of the Heart of what you call the Crab Nebula, offer this fluid fulfillment for all beings and your planet.
We are in accord, bound with the violet twining of upheld reconnection ~~
Flow in through ~~ day, night, and in between ~~ pulse, vibration, love~~
Faithful frequencies filling the Now
I am yours ~~ as we connect ~~ the bridges grow ~~ And so it is….

July  9, 2013 10:22PM  Tuesday ~~
Hello Chaskas, brothers & sisters ~  Thank you again for the wonderous help you gave me with yesterdays deepest connection with Source.  How supremely fulfilling, awesome, powerful, freeing, &delicious.
During that time, there were star/creation codes that were like tattooed on my skin, in the visioning space.  Help me know about these.  The shapes happened too quickly as well as that I wasn’t in a place to really take in their visual presence.
It seems it’s about silver, radiant flow, elongated ray beams, cubes, and a cellular, revitalizing language that simplifies the new Divine Wisdom available for us, if we learn that language.
Please, if this time is right, present me with a code image as well as its meaning.  Also, who am I speaking with?  Which constellation/Star?  Thanks!
Hello, Ci-nan here.  His presence bows.  I return the bow.  These unfinished cube structures house energy packets that convert density into higher light.  Depending on how they’re connected to each other, straight-line flow/curved/ right angle/zigzagged/spherical towards the inner nucleated hole or spherical towards the external, so that each upturned, open-ended cube,projects, in a pulsing fashion, 6,000,000,000kw of living light essence that is specifically matched with the need of the individual to release long held patterns in the quickest time & with the least resistance.
You may share this.  You will be safe. 
These are now stored all over your body with a concentration in you arms, stomach, adrenals, entire endocrine system actually, chakras, legs(for planting into the earth),.
The pituitary is a marvel gland.  In this system, it releases the needed components in rolling waves, directly to/into/around the intended person within an instant of permission being given.
The flow will stop automatically when the receiving party is full.  It may take a bit of time to completely finish, while there is a sealing of the new energy in place with the instructions for use being permanently instilled during the finale.
There is much to be said for silver/purple, silver/blue, platinum/pink, green/violet.  These color pairs move over the crystalline skin of the cubic form, gently increasing the melodic healing vibrancy of the undercurrent energy.
I will permeate your kidney/adrenal complex now so you can experience the blessings of this Star Heart Medicine.  Please lie quietly and breathe.

I lay down on my massage table, breathing deeply, when within each kidney, small open-ended cubes released green/violet energy in long streamers.  Some of the cubes had one dark nucleated hole in the center.  Some had 2.… a bit ‘navel-like’
  This was followed by blue/silver bursts, modifying the external area of the entire complex, continuing to pulse out fear/dread/dilemma/heaviness.
Then, both kidneys were surrounded spherically, and with a golden, helix-shaped peanut, and the flow was in the figure 8, horizontally, front & back/left/right.  Then, the teeny cubes rolled around the exterior until all felt smooth, harmonized, much lighter & freer.  This movement was like rotating braids over the surface of the peanuts around & around.

I bow to you, Cinan & am very grateful.  This is quite sweet and joyful.
I’m extremely honored.
He bows.  We will continue communication.  There is much to restore, reboot, reharmonize.  This can be used environmentally as well.
Please be aware the time is now.  Open yourself to this.  He bows, turns, & disappears somewhere?

Communications on Compassion

Posted on 2 January, 2014 at 14:44 Comments comments (13)
Setting:  I’d called in my Soul Parents for further enlightenment after I‘d claimed ‘all my gifts‘ that were just bestowed upon me.  Would you have anymore to share, my Dear Parents?

Dearest Mary(Magdalyn) ~ Would you tell me about the heat, colors, and textures of beautiful compassion?
MM: “Compassion is as red as blood, that viscousy fluid flowing throughout your veins, flowing inside, encased, contained within the human form.’
‘Yet, this flowing beingness flows throughout all life;throughout the rivers of the sun; the salt beds of the oceans; the particulated platelets of the universal endocrine system.  In the fields of knowing, of beingness, the formation/transformation glistens with the newness.’
‘When verdicts no longer assail or are acted upon; when phenomena happens as it is, the press releases of pain, no longer scar/seed/or erode the flow blood is.  Then, it’s reconnected gift of the Shining, everlasting living waters of all the suns Blood is; then, the fluid cellular membranous messenger ~ the playing field of All-That-Is.’
‘Compassion, with substance, lives, even transformed elementally ~ breathed in and out.’
There’s a somewhat disturbing shift of scene.  Mary Magdalyn feels heavy in the sense of substantial more/with a message/just can‘t quite describe this??  She is a robed, hooded figure now.
“Dearest Mother,  I invite you to reveal as much of yourself/your teachings as possible.  Isn’t it time for you to come forth with your blessings as well?”
I half expected her to pull back her hood and have the beautiful sun as her face ~~ Indeed, not only was that a part of the picture with 2 eagles flying across the Sun.  All the earth’s creatures/mountains, terrains, and richness of elemental beingness was exposed as she opened and, at first, lay down her black/brown robe.  She looked at me, bent over, picked the robe up and handed it to me.
I was astonished by what this was!! The robe itself, was the finely woven sod of our beloved Mother earth, as if the secrets of the best service to our mother  Earth had been lost, hidden, malformed without this living knowingness, reawakening of the powerful ‘personage’ of the Divine Mary Magdalyn.
Even, Christ, as the Cosmic I Am, the Cosmic Song, the Cosmic ‘Hum’ has been dimmed until now.  These times that, not only remove the veils; these times offer us the New Now gifting for all.
My heart, at first, gasped at this amazing unveiling of the more meaning and significance of Mary Magdalyn.  I put my hand towards Mother Mary’s heart ~ to feel it’s pulse, it’s givingness. In that Center, rested the beautiful white dove of peace, lying on freshly laid eggs, that would soon, I’d say, open to reveal more of the new life of this new Now.
“Thank you, Dearest Mary.  How long you’ve waited and how much we need your return“.
From that sun’s bright bearing, she so softly shares, in a voice lined with silk and fluid with the grace of ever-giving ~~ She turns a page of the Red Book ~ her hands are stars…”What is woven within and through the infinite layers of the heart is now the material/fodder for the loom of your day.  This cellular regrowth promises the true fruity offspring into Paradise; into the garden, into that oneness of the open heart of earth’s magnificent love.  The snake’s skin is shed.  The dynamic is life-bearing, honey flow“.  She bows and dissipates.  The Red Book closes.

“I saw an angel in the stone, and carved to set it free”.  Michelangelo

Messages on Peace from Weichika 12/10/2013

Posted on 2 January, 2014 at 14:41 Comments comments (26)

Tues. 12/10/13
Dear Red Book,  I invite in whomever needs to appear today ~ My beautiful Soul Parents, Lord Sananda & Lady Nada are here.
In floats, the presence of Weichika, my beautiful white humpback whale.  She comes oozing with salty, soothing, peace pulse and invites me into her left eye.
Gently, I portal through the middle(‘pupil’) area, feeling already totally calmed, relaxed…so being held, nursed, nourished, by this Divine Mama.  I settle into this space by what could be an ‘epiglottis’ under a spout hole.  I welcome the presence of the huge Tome of this omnidimensional Red Book.   Which, is already written in the ‘NOWNESS’.  It’s my gift/task/assignment to bring it in here in ‘our‘ time. 
The most soothing beautiful voice(my sweet whale) begins to speak.  The encoded black ink energetically appears across the pages ~~ very cellular/atomic, alive.  Off to the right are my Soul Parents, smiling and nodding with encouragement as I proceed with this gift writing.

Weichika(W):  “ Know your Beingness as Peace ~ From the ‘heart core’ of Creation ~ the ever-present pulse is peace.
Please energize angels cosmically everyday.  You choose this incredibly divine empowerment as the gifting of your daughter“.(referring to Sophia).
“Her expanding energy will reveal, more and more, the sharings felt.”
A HUGE hand is presented, and a sticky goo(white, sappy type of resin is over the little twigs of a nest) ~ “Everyday, the return of this ‘Maternal’ Cosmic energy is coming through the veil; all for the humans’ assistance. As they choose, from the deepest wellsprings(infinite & ever-giving) in their sacred heart centers to open to/invite in this nesting space to remember/reawaken/reenliven the magnificent peace from which they came.
 Weichika pauses, feeling as if she is inhaling/exhaling slowly and deeply.  I feel my left arm being further encoded with more information. 

Interesting change of scenario:  Weichika rolls over, and ‘suns’ her big, huge beautiful white belly, while I, internally, am undisturbed.  She is showing me a scar from a human’s wounding to her, in 3D time, possibly within the past few months.
 Somehow, I am able to open my hands, as, now, I’m out there with her(as well as inside recording).  I bring in the most amazing healing energy. I tone the Sacred ‘OM’, tracing huge figure 8s over this.  I’m saddened by this ‘hurting’ to her.  The healing continues for some minutes, until the scarring  recedes.  There are beautiful tiny, tiny, vibrating golden pearls(as if with swirling honey) that are forming a huge figure 8 around the once scarred area. 
 I continue to OM, as all the pearls are distinctly ‘set’ into energetic space.  ‘Honey’ fills in the spaces between them.  I sense/feel Weichika smile….so warm and tender.
W: “All healing, she reverberates to me, comes from Peace.  All healing, in the deepest, deepest ways, comes from that knowing/that reconnection to the entirety of the Peace Beings we all are.  I, Weichika, represent that powerful force field radiating this peace, also spelled as ‘Love’, also, experienced as ‘Joy’.’
 W: ‘I awaken, with the Pulse you now feel, all who read this….into the bone marrow/cellular knowing of that Peace.  Breathe this throughout your being, all its layers, all its fields, and recognize, as you will, that we are all one.”
I pause to ‘Wow, wow, wow’ this in and through me.  Beautiful Sophia’s platinum, Divine feminine energy infuses here as well.  Again, I sense a smiling Weichika.  She has rolled over, spouting up into the heavens, spouting now throughout our continually forming world these precious, precious energies of joyous, loving peace.  Lightbeams, swirling flames, many beautiful angelic beings are appearing, accenting these energetics.
This is a glorious  rainbow ~ pulsing completely over/throughout this visionary space.  My crown, then all chakras, major and minor, take this in.

Weichika asks, “Do your feel complete for today?” 
Internally, I put my left hand over my heart, bowing to her with a silent nod.  Blowing her many kisses and huge hugs, I’m gently lifted to ‘swim’ out of her right eye as the Red Book is closing.

Weichika: “THIS IS CHAPTER 77.  Feel the number from Divine Creator’s Embrace to you“.

Bowing to all the beauty transmitting and receiving this.  Much love to my Phia.  Though I miss you, you are indescribably aligned in the most magnificent way.  I so appreciate your help and am so honored.

With Love,  Jackie(Golden Serpent of the Golden Rose)